His Creativeness

Éric Blin

Éric Blin is a Parisian Artist who has spent many years abroad before returning to France in 2018.

Éric started in the field of Fashion. Eric is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist who explores under dreamlike tunes, cartography or textile prints, the fragility of the cells of the human body and other nervous tissues.

Its relief effects inspired by pointillism reflect his affection for textile embroidery, such as a cellular embroidery from the human body. As such, capturing a moment, a feeling, an emotion.

His recent Art Works reflect this microcellular and colorful vision while exploring the infinite, depths and densities, creating at the same time a vertigo between the infinite small and the infinite big.

It is through this wide creative spectrum that Éric likes to share and paint his vision of the world sublimated by his inclination for the abstract.

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“Best way to describe myself is that I am artistic, imaginative and innovative. I like to use my creativity to express feelings and emotions. I’m deeply focused on all kinds of arts, performance, writing and fields that refer to unusual and aesthetic styles.

I rely on my intellectual and critical thinking skills to perform my work in the most appropriate way. I’m naturally more reserved and introspective in my approach to solve problems and use my curiosity to drive original and complex developments.”

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