Eric received an Award
during the exhibition held
at the Flesselles Castle

In the frame of the 110th edition of the exhibition of the “Friends of the Arts of the Somme Region”, held at the Flesselles Castle from 13 May to 4 June 2019, Eric received the third prize from the Jury for his Art Work entitled “Broceliande”. As a reminder of the tales and legends, this painting is a perfect representation of the pointillism technique which the Artist has reinvented in his imaginary universe full of dreamlike colors.

Eric received his award from the Mayor of Amiens, Mrs. Brigitte Fouré, along with the Senator of the Somme Region, Mr. Christian Manable and the President of the “Friends of the Arts of the Somme Region”, Mr. Gérard Leroy. This prize is rewarding Brocéliande, an iconic painting of the Artist. The Jury was composed in this occasion of Mrs Laure Dalon, Director of the Museums of Amiens, Sylvana Boucher, from the Art Gallery “Encadrement Vôtre”, Gérard Malbranche, Painter, Azzedine Abdelouhabi, Teacher in Plastic Art and President of the Oudja Gallery, Christian Lainé, Photographer, Gilbert Messin, Sculptor, Hamid Ouarraoui, Painter and Gérard Leroy, President of the “Friends of the Arts” Association.

It was first time that Eric was participating to the exhibition of this Association, established in 1835, which welcomed Famous Artists such as Corot, Delacroix, Pissaro, Ziem, Vlaminck, Picasso, Utrillo, etc.
Eric presented 5 Paintings and Art Works during this exhibition.

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