Some words on my artistic journey

Beginning of my academic career in fashion at the “Condé” school in Paris:

It is a school of applied arts, renowned in Paris, which offers a wide range of courses ranging from architecture to visual communication through fashion design, and who provided the place of Paris with very good professionals in the fields of fashion or design in general.

The first year offered a general curriculum; but in the second year, I specialized in fashion design.

Continuing to learn sewing at the “Jannette Klein” School in Mexico City:

After graduating from Condé, I chose to follow my journey abroad which coincided with a personal project of discovery of Latin America and personal interest in pre-Columbian civilizations that have always fascinated me. In this context, I settled in Mexico City which is full of artistic activities as unexpected as rich in ethnic subtleties. It is in this context that I joined the Jannette Klein school which had a partnership with the Paris Fashion Academy that I will join a few years later. In Mexico, I learned the techniques of the textile industry and perfected my knowledge of patronage. I appreciated as much the rigor of the techniques taught as the diversity of exchanges and the creativity of the Mexicans, quite inextinguishable, I must say.

Deep diving in Haute Couture at the “Paris Fashion Academy” in Paris:
After my Mexican stay, I returned to Paris and I joined the Paris Fashion Academy which was an ideal complement to my initial training in Condé (design) and Mexico (technical) to discover the universe of haute couture and tailor-made, in a multi-cultural universe where everyone brought his/her originality and his/her identity «background».

Sewing:First period: in the United States

After my studies, life took me to the other side of the Atlantic in the historic city of Philadelphia; where I learned to live in an English-speaking environment, literally different from the European one; certainly disorienting at first, but a breeding ground for creativity in fashion and the arts. We do not know enough that Philadelphia is the backyard of New York or prepare all the shows, reason why I joined a company of shows for which I designed and realized costumes that gave me a new string to my bow.

Second period: in London

My life being made of trips and experiences abroad, it is quite naturally that I transported myself from Philadelphia to London. I then joined a London fashion house, LULU LIU for which I was the first assistant designer, busy with the preparation of collections and fashion shows both in London and Paris.

When the collaboration with LULU LIU ended, I discovered other designers who participated in my artistic emancipation. I appreciate them.

The transition

It was after five years in fashion in London that a regenerated interest in painting sprouted in me, left out of Condé’s school, but seeing an alternative way to a more embodied career of my art: in other words, instead of working for others, to take up the challenge of making a name for myself in painting.

Sewing is no longer my main activity but remains a source of inspiration for my art; life being made of rebounds, maybe one day I will resume an activity in this field.

In the meantime, sewing remains an area reserved for friends and family for whom I have the pleasure of making creations that correspond to them.


I fully live my artistic activity centered around painting, while opening myself to new more artisanal activities such as pottery, ceramics, embroidery or textile prints that should be a source of realization for years to come.

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